Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trick or Treat

smell my feet!...
Wow, the end of August and once again another season has zipped by. I recently posed the question to FaceBook friends: "Has time sped up or have we slowed down?" There was no definitive answer and so I'm still left wondering at the end of this summer about why time goes by so fast and why I'm even noticing! (yes. I'm getting older, we all are but I'm usually too brain fried to notice!) As Fall approaches, my childhood memories take me back to the sound of the school bell, colorful leaves that Dad raked and let us jump in, the cool wind tossing my hair, pumpkins sitting on doorsteps, costumes and candy, trick or treating and the smells of cider, and Autumn leaves burning with all the fun that led up to Halloween!

My family loves Halloween and Dad always had rubber masks around, which we couldn't resist putting on and scaring family members and shouting a loud Boo! to complete the heart attack. Anyone that happened to be in a room alone - was fair game! P
eering in from an outside window to watch someone jump in terror was great fun, even if it was a sick sense of humor and we did get in trouble, we kept on doing it as though it was all new to us. Halloween costumes were hand-me-downs or slim pickins of a few plastic "fall faces" and matching, slip on holiday outfit that tied in the back and came from a local department store. There were alot of home made costumes too and whatever the dress-up, we were happy just to be going trick or treating for Halloween, with stories of who had the most candy, at school the next day.

Halloween memories still make me laugh and my sister and I still love coming up with new ideas. No more masks to scare anyone (online anyway - wink~) just fun ideas for your little monsters and you to enjoy as treats or just the start of making your own Fall memories. I'm hoping someone or more then someone, will actually find this blog this month, so I know I did something right and it will be just in time for trick or treat fun with bats, ghosts,
goblins, monsters, mummys, pumpkins, spiders, witches and more!
Happy Halloween!

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