Friday, August 14, 2009

Fabulously Fresh & Fruity

I guess getting to blog every day or week, isn't happening exactly. I have to admit I'd rather be drawing and I pretty much am - when I'm not filling orders, socializing on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter or spending time with family and doing dreaded, house cleaning, chores.

Although the title of this post sounds like it could be a rave review of a drag show, its' nothing quite so entertaining, just some of my thoughts and scribbles to tell you about. It doesn't feel like I have anything clever to express at this moment and "this moment" is about all I have to fit in a blog post, so I'm going for the quick post and leaving wit to the wind. I really do try to eat healthy, of course I rarely succeed. I do honestly love my veggies but not so much fruit. As a special
message for kids and moms, I am instituting the "do as I say not as I (don't) do" rule of thumb. Check out some of our new designs, there are five designs i all and they are fabulously, "fresh & fruity and fun too! Who doesn't have a sweet peach in their brood?!

I have a bunch more designs I'm working on for Twins, Halloween and Dog lovers and more. Sort of all over the place I know but it's that artist thing, everyone discusses out loud that I can't quite control. So please stay with me, have a little patience and for goodness sake, if you actually found me and are reading this gibberish - write to me already! Oh and by the way, I was totally stoked (even though I don't live on the West coast) and so I have to tell ya - the "real" Nia Vardalos DM'd me on Twitter - ha! "Ha" like in can you believe it and I swear it's true! More another time...

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