Monday, July 27, 2009

I once was a Steinert Spartan...

It's been a while since I last posted, so my apologies to anyone that has actually visited my blog. I've been busy on Face Book. A turn of events put me back in touch with classmates from elementary through high school years. Names and faces were truly foggy at first but as more people reached out with the familiar FaceBook "request a friend", I found the years flying back to me with memories of kids and smiles, from forgotten days, standing right in front of me - and it was yesterday once more.

It's been alot of fun recalling old times, friends and places till the wee hours of the morning and all from home through a free social network! It's a really comfortable platform to re-introduce yourself to classmates from long ago, without the odd conventions and competitions that begin with any reunion. There is a kinder, more even playing field that comes with a written social gathering, especially as adults now. People say what they think with a certain amount of tact and humor. If someone has an opinion that differs, others often post comments, as if to defend that person from being judged too harshly, it's like team effort. There are photos shared to show our accomplishments over the years - usually of each others kids and all the stories to go along with family life. Of course there are all the "old" pictures scanned from school yearbooks and treasured photos that we all can look at now and make fun of. We can look back on the imperfections and insecurities of the past and gain support, compliments and admiration through a little older and wiser reflection now. In some instances, apologies are even passed along, amending past indiscretions and making today better somehow.

I had forgotten so much about the times I once loved and even those I couldn't wait to forget but now it's a different feeling altogether. These old and new acquaintances that have come together, are like an addiction each day. There is now common ground for those who wish to participate. It's not just the same schools we attended, there are no more unapproachable boys or girls, no more awkward times, rivals or clicks that we once struggled with. There is no longer the need to judge by looks, money, popularity or lack thereof. We've grown up in some respects it seems and have come to learn about human frailty and faced some of life's uphill climbs. Maybe we've discovered we're no longer the most popular kid, teacher's pet, star athlete or coolest, hotshot, geek, freak, stud, beauty queen, on the blocks.

I kept thinking what could I draw in honor of my old classmates. Only one thing repeats in my head and even if no one buys it, it will have been created out of pride and affection. I was once a Steinert Spartan, and so a new logo came into my head. All Hail Spartans! - the above design is for all of you and in place of the the word "Alumni" - also available is: "Cheerleading", "Sports", "Marching Band", "rock" and a few other designs that can also be personalized with softball, swimming, track, student, future student, you get the idea. I'd sure love to know what you think - good or bad. Don't worry, if it's bad I'll delete your post! ;) The design will be available in "Lyndas Line Art" Zazzle store under Fun Gifts: School spirit.

Turns out, we're just boys and girls that needed to learn what is important in life. There will always be those personalities that still think social standing, looks, power or pretentious manners matter - but in truth, it seems that friendship, family, laughter and compassion are at the top of the list. The rest we'll figure out as we go and now, no matter where in the world we are, we have some familiar faces, new names and shoulders to lean on - for a time to laugh, a time to cry and a time to say goodbye.

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