Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Hate Valentine’s Day - in July

I actually didn't come up with any finished designs for the July 4th holiday, sorry! Although we already do have a few Patriotic designs for the baby, that have been popular. What I did come across, is a great idea to make you smile this holiday... I love romantic comedies, they are my favorite types of movies. So actresses like Nia Vardalos, from "Connie and Carla" and her recent My Life In Ruins and of course My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Sandra Bullock with the Miss Congeniality movies, Bonnie Hunt in Dave and Return to Me, are just a few of my personal favorites and just about some of the best kinds of people/characters to watch. I figure these ladies must be a little bit like the characters they portray, I mean it's called acting, not reincarnation or spirit dwelling - so they must have clever, witty reporte to keep you in stitches off the screen. I've figure if I ever meet any of them, we'll keep in touch and laugh through life's dramas. Okay, so I tend to daydream but dreams are good for the soul, or is it chicken soup?! I digress... "I Hate Valentine’s Day" is the name of Nia Vardalos' new movie, with her co-star John Corbett (from My Big Fat Greek Wedding). Click to see I Hate Valentine's Day trailer. The story goes... Meet Genevieve (Vardalos). The owner of a flower shop in the heart of Brooklyn, NY and a romantic with a unique take on the dating game. Genevieve lives by a strict five date rule so she doesn’t get dumped and never gets hurt. Then she meets Greg (Corbett). He’s good looking, funny and new to town, and before they know it, both are falling for each other. Will this new romance cause Genevieve to reconsider her philosophy of love? It’s in theaters on July 3, 2009. Why not take a break from picnic prepping, cleaning, work or whatever and beat the heat this Fourth of July?! Go to the nearest theater to enjoy a fun movie with a little heart and laughter and be sure to grab some buttered popcorn and RAISINETS® too (send them to ME!) and Twitter Nia to let her know how much you loved the independent film which she once again wrote and directed (first time!) in 18 days with half the budget of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, how appropriate for an Independence day release?! Meanwhile, Happy 4th and promise I'll have something new soon to share!
Nia Vardalos is an Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated screenwriter and actress.
Read more about Nia Vardalos here: -- and here --

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