Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baseball Fever!

One of the latest designs that popped into my head came from something I've been around all my life. It's something Dad and my uncles love. It has now consumed my brother, along with his sons, one of them has even been inducted into this competitive activity. It comes around every Spring and lasts all Summer and is known for it's infectious addiction, especially with regard to men but there are woman also fall prey to this seasonal epidemic which has grown to pandemic proportions. It is an outdoor event which many become excessively dependent on and at it's worst compulsion is known as the dreaded "Baseball Fever"!

Baseball starts out as a sport played with a bat, ball, bases, gloves, two teams of nine players each, a big diamond, some hot dogs, peanuts and of course cracker-jacks. Oh yeah and there's always a big guy with a face mask and some padded equipment that makes everyone mad and he gets yelled out through most of the game (most likely practicing for a political career). The goal is to score runs by hitting a pitched ball with a bat and touching a series of four bases arranged at the corners of diamond shape. Players are either at bat or in the field - or dugout, if they stink. The teams switch between batting, fielding, getting three outs and scoring runs & errors. Throughout the game, the players spend time swinging a bat, adjusting their hats and cups, spitting, chewing, catching, throwing, running, sliding and cussin. This goes on for nine innings. The team with the most runs, usually wearing the dirtiest uniforms, at the end of the game - wins.

The best explanation of this legendary sport and American past time is well know and can be found here: Who's On First? In honor of this time honored sport and it's sickness - is my baseball fever design with all the men in my life - in mind - they're all young at heart. So take me out to the ballgame and Good luck in Long Island on the 4th - CJ!

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