Saturday, June 6, 2009

Twitter tweeter tweets...

No the title of this post is not indicative of me losing my speech ability or my mind and I know it's been a while since I posted but I've been a little busy. Doing what you're thinking?
...Well, I changed the look of this blog to start with, seems the dark background made it hard to read the posts and I'd seriously like visitors to return! Also, I've been drawing a little more then usual. I finally got some new designs done,
for dog lovers I made new dog agility cartoons and dog breeds, for beach lovers, I created some totally beachin' t-shirts in LyndasLines and a bunch of new summer beach prints or growth charts and the prints all on SALE! Speaking of busy, I can't leave out these busy Bees ya gotta love em they're too cute & clever! My two new guilty pleasures are working on blogging, facebook and twitter - ever heard of em?!

Naturally, anything new
on the Internet, usually involves bugs and frustration and figuring out the 'how-tos' is "degree worthy"! There are so many acronyms to acquaint yourself with, like html, php, rtml and the ever-changing world of seo, file formats like jpegs, tiff, png, psd, pdf, dpi, rgb, cmyk, and finally computer languages and platforms - linux, dos, unix, apple, windows, mac and pc (yup - "I'm a MAC"!)- it's like a friggin acronym convention and mind numbing!

Once you get things working right though, there's a certain amount of satisfaction from your efforts and I was thinkin, since it is Graduation time so why not make myself a diploma, maybe even a doctorate,
in "thinkology". Oh joy! Rapture! Obviously, my brain is fairly fried and just needs some 'blank' time - no more thinking, just sleep maybe?!

I did tweet myself to one more fun drawing even though it's been done already, I made some new twitter designs for tweeters. If you follow Twitter, celebrities or rock stars - one of these might make ya smile. I might need to take a serious break before my brain is too twisted, cause even the dogs seemed a little scared when I started laughing out loud at some of the twits in the drawing. I gotta take a vacation or get a stiff drink soon! Off to the local pub...

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  1. Hi Lynda,

    These are very cute. Love the use of only white and blue on these designs. And the celebrity twitter is just too darn clever! I hope you sell tons of these! Amari i vostri desegni :D