Saturday, May 2, 2009

I get Ideas!...

So okay, I get ideas (doesn't Ricky Ricardo/Desi Arnaz, come to mind with those words?!) lots of them, thoughts, to-dos, everyday, all day. Who doesn't right? The only thing is, it seems like anymore if I don't write stuff down, it's friggin gone, as fast as it came to me - just poof! - au revoir, arrivederci, so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodnight, disappeared, vanished, skipped town and took a powder too - and the last time I checked I didn't know any magic tricks and my name wasn't Houdini. So while this gets a little unnerving at times, I've learned to deal with it cause it also seems, when I forget what my idea was, a new one comes to light! So maybe the original idea wasn't any good anyway and the new one is the even better or maybe there wasn't an original idea to begin with and I just thought there was?! Of course I can't be sure cause it's not like I can compare anything. So am I loosing it, is this the start of Old-timers disease, or does this happen to everyone and before you ask - no, I'm not drunk! Wait, what was I talking about again?!...


  1. Lynda, I can SO relate!! I write it down, but then lose my note! Its getting BAD. Too funny!

  2. Ha, I post-it's on top of my post-it's! You're not alone girlfriend! Keep on bloggin' while there's stuff in your noggin!:o)