Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lynda's piece of mind...

Lynda's working on artHmm, my very first blog about mostly me and nothing to hide behind. Well, regardless of the iffy title, I suppose the polite thing to do is make introductions before sharing too much of my mind. My name is Lynda, the last name is Italian, it's Bruschini and most people say it wrong and spell it wrong, along with my first name - relatives included, so lets just leave it at "Lynda B".

I gotta start somewhere so... I've been drawing since I was little and my first big ta-da was a crayon drawing of some Disney characters from a record album cover. Sorry -
no, I didn't grow up to work for Disney, this isn't a Cindy-ella story - but I do draw near everyday and manage to get paid! My sister and I have a few online stores.(Yup - we're nuts!) We figure we can keep creating designs for kids until somebody runs out of em - kids that is. So, I draw and work alot, I'm happy - most days, I have a very supportive partner and loving family - and I'm very grateful for all I have. Life is good!

I'll try to blog as often as I can about mostly meaningless information that happened to be on my mind and is simply a source of browsing for those in need of unimportant, sometimes colorful, (we're talking "drawings" - "picture" colorful not raunch!) internet browsing, during working hours or late at night when YouTube is too busy to load! So book mark this page and feel free to throw nickels, dimes and dollas my way - or you can just leave "nice" comments and send everyone you know to take a look at my work.

CLICK on any of the links under LB's stuff - on the right near the top of the page, to see my work and visit our stores.
Let me know what ya think, I can take it and if I can't, I'll delete it!
Hope you come back and bring friends! This will get more interesting as time passes, if not I'll knock back a couple then post something, that should work.

In the meantime, although I hate my picture taken - to be polite, I posted one of myself. Honestly, it looks more like me at 20 yrs old, I was comfortably thin, knew the color of my hair, had perfect skin and of course - a big head and also I have a great tan, you just can't tell in this picture. (Did I forget to mention some members of my family have rather large noggins?! Well we do and it's endearing.) OK, it's not an actual photo but a cartoon and it's me drawing on my Mac and since this is my blog and I'm the one drawing, I can look anyway I want. (Geez! I should've gone for a Sandra Bullock or Bonnie Hunt appeal!)

Does anyone actually remember "album covers" and the big black vinyl things, called "records" that went inside the big album envelope and played music when set on a "record player" and the "arm with the needle" was placed on the record? Ok, I've officially dated myself (sigh).

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