Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oprah ...

Like the millions of others around the world, I've enjoyed Oprah over these 25 years and I will be sad to see the show end today. She has affected so many lives in positive ways and rightfully, earned the respect of her peers and the millions that adore her. She put in many more hours then one would imagine for a woman of her status because she cared about her work enough to bring the truth to viewers and make a difference while she reached out daily to a worldwide audience, willing to listen.

I find it emotional to see another revered icon leave the comfort my daily life, so much so that I took a minute to zip out a cartoon of this inspiring soul. I'm grateful for all the enlightenment she has brought every time I sat down to watch her show and hear her speak. I look forward to her new endeavors on OWN and hope to see her smile every now and again.

But for today - I will be parked in front of the TV to see her say her farewells.
...and I still hope to get the chance to meet her one day. It could happen!?

Grazie mille ~ Ms Winfrey for the gifts you gave the world!

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