Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Straight from the Heart...

Every year I try my best to get new art & designs done for each holiday. Of course, like it or not, before we know it Valentine's day will be here and although my heart is in it - my mind often wonders. It feels like I'm ahead of the game - until I figure out it's just an illusion - and I need to get it into gear! I've been working diligently at putting up Valentine's day images, designs and artwork that I find fun, humorous or just plain cute. There are one or two new designs that I have yet to finish but first things first...

Please know I am honestly doing my best to get it all done for February gift giving.
Instead of sleeping - and am considering giving up eating too (...still on the fence with that one!) - I am currently working on ... (say the following words as fast as you can - it's just more fun that way!) filling orders, tweeting, retweeting, following, facebooking, drawing, learning new programs, tech tools and the howtos of networking devices, updating websites, html codes, light java code and ordering a new computer, software etc - with all the details, file prep and device sharing required - along with actually having a life and the responsibilities and obligations therein while keeping a positive attitude with a sense of humor. ... and breathe

If you read this blog or look through our popular Holiday designs on any of our sites, you'll be sure to see the latest ideas once they're up. Please keep checking back on Lyndas Lines, Bella Baby Art Fan page or follow me on Twitter. I'm cutting down on writing and using pictures, since they're worth a thousand words - consider me a jabber jaws and just look at the images, they should speak for themselves!

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