Monday, January 11, 2010

My Favorite artists work...

The common practice with online artists and art is - that somebody has to promote it! It's my least favorite thing to do regarding my own work. However, if ANYTHING or MORE of anything has a chance of being found, let alone - sold, it's a must! Naturally, you'll continue to see links to my work throughout the web and I hope the art I toil over and designs we create, keep bringing in customers!

Today though, I started thinking - what about sharing all the stuff I like that I don't create?! So I've decided, at least for today, I'd like to take the time to promote other artists work that I enjoy. in the hopes that if you're reading this you bother to click on some of the images below that I've chosen and see more of their work. My top favorite artists is Shane Lewis, he has a great sense of humor, both in his writing and in his work and being a huge Walt fan, I love Shane's Disney-ish style! With the internet at our fingertips, people are much more accessible then ever before and so I now have the pleasure of writing back and forth with him on his blog and FaceBook fan page. He's a busy guy but I'm sure he'd love to hear from you, so if you enjoy his work, please let him know.

Next time some totally adorable Goth art! Who'd a-thunk Goth could be cool & cute?! Great for Valentine's Day.

Arctic Jug Band Card card
Arctic Jug Band Card by stlewis75
Click on the above image to go to Shane's store.

Happy Lion Bag bag
Happy Lion Bag by stlewis75
Click on the above image to go to Shane's store to see all of his animal jug bands.

Hot Diggity Dog Bag bag
Hot Diggity Dog Bag by stlewis75
Click on the above image to go to Shane's site to see more bag designs.

Click on the above image to see more of ST Lewis' humorous art & mugs to keep you smiling.

Be mine? card
Be mine? by HahpiStuff
Click on the above image for some Valentine's Day - Goth designs.

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