Monday, June 22, 2009

Life's a Beach

Ever heard that term or reasonable facsimile?! I figured since summer officially began on Father's Day, I should at least post something on the blog to announce the fact and see what folks have planned for their Summer vacation.
It's the time of year women either hate or love. Bathing suits are reintroduced into our lives, along with weight issues, pale complexions, bleach or not to bleach drama, flip-flops or sandals and a host of other time honored rituals. Summer brings mosquitoes - my arch nemesis, one bite from those blood suckers and I become the Michelin lady. NOTETOSELF: Figure out alternative food source for bats and get petition started to bring back the mosquito spray trucks removing ticks & mosquitoes in one shot - solving Lymes, West Nile virus & Malaria!.

Where was I?! - Oh yeah, Summer. The time of year, kids are happy, school is over, swimming is in, pools are open, heat is set on high, humidity visits and frizz is the new doo. Time to head to the beach, sit in traffic for an hour each way, fight off biting flies, jellyfish stings and rogue beach ball attacks, once you're at the beach, deal with crabby kids and strangers and finally face the "painful color" acquired for the first time this year - cause we didn't think we'd burn this time.

The shore does offer the promise of peaceful memories we recall in an instant ... the soothing sounds of the ocean, the familiar seagulls squawking, the smell of the saltwater and cocoa butter, basking in the sun on the beach. Spending time with friends and family, just knowing it's gonna be a good day, the problems of the world can wait and for a while and life is good. Maybe Summer comes along just in time each year. The fourth of July, and patriotic picnics will be here before we know it!

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  1. Too funny!!!!!!

    We actually have those mosquito spray trucks and all they do is drive every single bug indoors, and make the entire outside smell a bit like pepper spray!!!!

    Love the illios at the top of the post!!