Friday, June 26, 2009

King of Pop & Angel - Gone

There is no way I can't NOT post something about two legends passing, it's major news and certainly worthy of a few words of tribute for these respected entertainers. When I first heard the shocking, sad news, it was surreal to believe that the "King of Pop"- icon legend, 50 yr old Michael Jackson was dead of cardiac arrest. It was sad enough to have learned, on this same day - that at long last, Farrah Fawcett the 1970's icon, lost her courageous battle with cancer.

After watching a story about Farrah Fawcett on abc's 20/20, it was very moving to hear about her struggle with cancer since 2006, from her longtime romantic partner Ryan O'Neal and Jaclyn Smith, Fellow 'Charlie's Angel. In fact, I learned much more about her then I ever knew, she was very bright and an extremely talented actress and sculptor. There was a documentary that chronicles Fawcett’s fight against cancer called Farrah's Story, which was uplifting, painful and inspiring - even though I only caught glimpses of it but may she rest in peace.

When a celebrity as big as Michael Jackson dies, the world stands still for a moment. Afterall, this was a man that changed the music world, just as the legendary Elvis, before him had done. He had eccentricities that seemed outside the box from where the world watched, like many that have passed though time and left their indelible marks in history. His "Thriller" album, "Billy Jean" and Bad, they were works of genius in dance and music. His signature style of "moonwalking" the sequined white glove, black loafers, white ankle socks and finally the black fedora made the pop singer an '80s fashion icon. May his soul and spirit rest in peace.

So on this day of iconic losses, I thought back to my own personal loses of those I loved and the battles still to be fought and I've walked away with a new idea and that is to "change" and "get brave"! I worry too much about all the wrong things, like - failing, looking foolish, saying, doing or wearing the wrong things. It's time I start accomplishing more by doing less - worrying. I want my epitaph to be worth reading because my life has been so worth living. For me art and drawing is simply part of who I am - same as breathing works, so expect to see alot more of my work, Lynda Bruschini on the web! Hopefully, you'll like what you see.

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