Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bring on the Fall....

I need a challenge!

I love the Fall and the cool, crisp temps and changing colors of the leaves, it makes me feel alive and looking forward to the holidays approaching. Something in the air told me to try something I hadn't done before. While I can hardly believe I haven't done some papier-mâché it turns out I hadn't done anything as ambitious as this. As luck would have it I came across Stolloween, the blog of one talented Scott Stoll, that generously shared his skill and all the how-tos! His awesome crafts provided the challenge I was looking for and so I went for the "go BIG or go home" approach, not my best idea ~ but the following is what transpired...

Ghouls just wanna have fun!
My Halloween decorations, maybe more will grow out of this one sitting in the pumpkin patch but more likely, I'll just wait till next year...

I searched for something new to create
Not too hard just different, so I could decorate
With a funky look this Halloween
Finally I found a DIY craft, I'd never seen
So I tackled a how-to paper mâché prop
I love that it came out decent and I won't have to shop
To try and find something scary or cool
This will turn heads cause its a pumpkin patch ghoul.
Gilda Ghoul's her name, she's shades of orange and black
Just don't get too close cause she'll make you her snack.
"GG" is in the house!
Gourdgeous Gilda Ghoul ~ in living color

Gilda gets ghoulish

Pumpkin mache

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