Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Home sketch

Today's doodle #22


The word "home" brought a plethora of images racing to my mind and then I looked down at my feet and the had the answer.

Each night, while watching TV, at least one of the golden girls gets comfortable "on", my feet. It's Cassidy's comfort zone and I love that she likes me enough to continue laying there even when I can't sit still.

So although Cass is still young in people years (I refuse to dog-years math!) I clearly saw her puppy years before me and instantly remembered when we brought her "home".

I showed her the doodle and she licked it (not liked) the ipad screen, in approval. Hope anyone that sees this enjoys it too and understands the meaning of home and having a place of comfort for your heart.DOODLEADAY-AUG 22: Home

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