Monday, February 14, 2011

Royal Ribbits Leaping to the Top...

OK, so I finally went toad-ally green - at least for this design! My sister and wicked good, business partner, just loves our frog designs announcing the birth of royal heirs, so this seemed a natural leap for a growth chart. Creating a pile of crowned, green amphibians, leaping over one another to get to the top of a hoppin high pile just to break the spell - was too much fun!

The spell of course, has to do with kissing a frog and having a prince or princess
magically appear. Of course, at 5 ft high, the magic spell is broken and being all grown, is written by royal decree at the top of this growth chart. Seemed only right that a frog near the top, sounding a trumpet to signify the royal ladder of life has been climbed.

Hope you enjoy these little royal croaks and find them as much fun to look at as I did to draw.

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