Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to me...

Since this is the year I turn 50, I found myself wanting something more or different ~ of course I had no idea what that was.

Out of the blue..
I found myself drawn (pun intended!) to the comments and humor of family and friends on Facebook. It became the inspiration I needed to create something fun ~ just for me and at just the right time. While I was recouping from some eye issues and had to take a break from the computer, I began using my sketchbook again as ideas came pouring into my mind.

Everything happens for a reason
I wound up drawing so many characters and laughing out loud at the ideas that I often added more elements to the designs, even after the original sketches were complete! Finally, I began to think, that maybe sharing these designs would bring a smile to others too. ...and so, the creation of "Ladies and Gentlemen" was born.

The Characters ...
There is a Ladies Room and a Mens Room in the works and the humor is a loosely based concept of the "Birds & the Bees" hence the bird and bee icons.

The Ladies are based on my sister and her friend's comments which centered around ~ Anita. For instance … "Anita Margarita" - which is already a huge hit! I've managed to add Olive and Ivana (~ Ivana has yet to make her entrance!) to the mix so far.

The characters however, are based on the more realistic, albeit ~ somewhat humorous version of life after 40 something. I can see most of my friends and some family members as these characters, which brings a smile to my heart the moment I can see an image appearing in my mind. Neither the chicks or the dudes have hair colors because they are interchangeable as the people I know and love and can become anyone that comes to YOUR mind too.

The girls do not have visible boobs, since I have known too many women in my life that have faced and are facing breast cancer, while the rest of us struggle with gravity issues in the "girls department". So, in honor of those that have had to deal with this horrible disease, I felt it best it just to make "the girls" less of an object and make it more about the humor in life.

Both sexes have bellies. This is not a slight but more of a fact. Most people over 40 something have weight issues, for instance I can no longer wear a bikini without serious injury to the eyesight of innocent bystanders. While I do not embrace some of the havoc that time dishes out on my plate, I do recognize and admit to it but at least it can be funny on paper even if I do despise my mirror! Therefor, the bodies are shaped more like beans - I like to think of them as human-beans.

So for anyone that was interested in, or had ideas about how these characters should look - this is how they came to be. I hope you find them to be as much fun to look at as I did to draw! My favorite design to date is the Anita Million Bucks - which do you like best? I'd love it if y'all would write to let me know what you think. Please write to me here, or on the Bella baby Art Facebook fan page or email me on LyndasLines.

I hope too - that you smile when you see them and think of me.
Happy Birthday to all the 50 yr olds and up!

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  1. I just received the "Anita Margarita" T-shirt I ordered and I'm thrilled with the quality. It's a beautiful, heavy cotton and fits great. I've already had two people stop me to ask me where I got it and of course, I directed them to I think Anita is going to be a big hit!!